My name is Philip Hesselbäck and I'm an indie game developer from Sweden. My main ambition is to create novel experiences that makes the player feel something special, by using unique combinations of gameplay systems and narrative.

Video games may have the biggest potential of any media to deliver an emotive experience to the observer. I want to discover new areas of that potential. These are games that are not afraid to be different.

Ten years as a hobbyist game developer, combined with insights into various other fields pertaining to arts and science, results in an unusual view of how games can be made. I hope you will enjoy these experiences as much as I did making them.


An unconventional first person brawler where you progress beyond death

Hell Punk Awakening is both a complete standalone experience, and a taste of what you'll see in Hell Punk Horror.

Coming soon, support by wishlisting on Steam

A chaotic first-person brawler sandbox

Hell Punk Horror is a brutal first person roguelite-hybrid with creative and fluid melee combat. Explore a randomized interdimensional warehouse and escape using any means necessary. Use your wits and fight your way through an army of demons in this open-ended sandbox!

Coming soon (probably 2022), support by wishlisting on Steam

An atmospheric puzzle action game where you capture ghosts through time.

A brand new shopping mall has been disturbed by a number of hauntings. You, a freelancing ghost photographer with a special camera, are called to investigate and cleanse the location. Travel back to the past to uncover the land's darkest moments and put the spirits to rest. Based upon real locations in Värmland, and Scandinavian folklore.

"Thanks to some wonderful narration, the game is sure to tug on players’ heartstrings as much as it’ll scare them silly." -Evan Millar Rue Morgue

"In its entirety, Axis Mundi is a concise experience, that has some solid writing behind its straightforward gameplay." -Eloin Barahona Garcia The Click

"...packed full of charm and ultimately left me wanting more." -Tim Halliday GamesReviews.com

Included in Dread X Collection: The Hunt

A surreal adventure game with oldschool influences.

Inspired by 90s media such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Twin Peaks, Wake Up is a unique experience with that incorporates fixed camera angles, surreal environments and cryptic storytelling.

"The game is an experience that feels like getting splashed in the face with ice cold seltzer water, shocking but oddly refreshing." -Emily Rose

"I've played a few retro-style survival horror games recently, and Wake Up is the most impressive of the bunch" -PC Gamer

"An aesthetically appealing, atmospheric game with a surreal premise" -gamejamcurator

Experiments and Jam Entries

I believe in learning by doing, and these games have been the stepping stones to evolve as a developer. Feel free to try them out if you're interested in some bite sized weirdness. They are however old, buggy and doesn't represent the current state of Philisophic Games.

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