Hell Punk Horror is a randomized first person horror sandbox.

To survive you'll need to utilize your surroundings and think outside the box.

You can fight your way using a wide array of weapons and moves or you can utilize the environment and quick thinking to avoid combat.

Inspired by games like Condemned and Dark Messiah, there is an advanced melee combat system that rewards skillfull play.

Strange creatures from hell roam the world in search for fresh souls.

Every enemy you encounter requires different strategies to outsmart.

Play alone or in split-screen coop.

Every time you enter the warehouse you will have a different experience. New layouts and environments will make you approach every level in different way.

Typical for a roguelite, death is final and nothing is persistent - except the saferoom. You can save items for future playthroughs or decorate it with props you find in the world.

Coming 2021